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Date Message Title Speaker Link
Oct 25, 2020 Peer Pressure Brother I. Henry
Oct 18, 2020 What do you mean by this Service? Brother S. Davis
Oct 11, 2020 The Problem with Change Brother A. Scurry
Sep 06, 2020 HIS Story Brother A. Scurry
Aug 30, 2020 Bent over but not broken down Brother A. Scurry
Aug 23, 2020 Admitting our Faults Brother A. Scurry
Aug 16, 2020 Be careful, lest you drift away Brother A. Scurry
Aug 09, 2020 A Benevolent Church Brother A. Scurry
Aug 02, 2020 Are You living the Abundant Life? Brother A. Scurry
Jul 26, 2020 Staying In Tune Brother S. Davis
Jul 19, 2020 I'll rather fight than switch Brother A. Scurry
Jul 12, 2020 Remembering the Commitment we made to Christ Brother A. Scurry
Jul 05, 2020 The Excellency of the knowledge of Christ Brother A. Scurry
Jun 28, 2020 How do you trust God Brother A. Scurry
Jun 21, 2020 When God is with the Man Brother A. Scurry
Jun 14, 2020 Don't worry about a thing but pray Brother A. Scurry
Jun 07, 2020 Why are you so angry? Brother A. Scurry
May 31, 2020 Stay on the Wall Brother C. Austin
May 24, 2020 Where will you be found when the end comes Brother A. Scurry
May 17, 2020 Broken Pieces Brother D. Desnoes
May 10, 2020 Where will I go but to the Lord Brother A. Scurry
May 03, 2020 Look unto to the Hills Brother D. Jackson
Mar 15, 2020 Life Is A Test Brother A. Scurry
Mar 08, 2020 Do You know the Man? Brother A. Scurry
Mar 01, 2020 Better Saving than Geico Brother A. Scurry
Feb 23, 2020 That Work of the Ministry Brother A. Scurry
Feb 16, 2020 What real Love looks like Brother A. Levine
Feb 09, 2020 Stay Woke Brother S. Davis
Feb 02, 2020 We spend our years as a Tale that is told Brother A. Scurry
Jan 26, 2020 Longing to see Him Brother D. Jackson
Jan 19, 2020 Leave what you have and cleave to who you are Brother C. Redmond
Jan 12, 2020 From Blessings to blocking Brother B. Roberts
Jan 05, 2020 Beginning of beginning Brother A. Scurry
Dec 29, 2019 Another Year Brother A. Scurry
Dec 22, 2019 What is value of your Soul? Brother A. Scurry
Dec 15, 2019 Have you seen Him Brother B. Scottsdale
Dec 08, 2019 Can anything good come out of Nazareth? Brother A. Scurry
Dec 01, 2019 Do not wait too late Brother B. Jones
Nov 24, 2019 Life and Peace in Christ Jesus Brother A. Scurry
Nov 17, 2019 Thou shalt not kill Brother S. Davis
Nov 10, 2019 Something you cannot tear up Brother A. Scurry
Nov 03, 2019 Sound Doctrine the World refuses to hear Brother A. Scurry
Oct 27, 2019 It is not about me Brother C. Austin
Oct 20, 2019 When my life is tried, I will hold on to God Brother A. Scurry
Oct 13, 2019 A Friend at Midnight Brother D. Jackson
Oct 06, 2019 Do you really trust God? It is just a Test Brother A. Scurry
Sep 29, 2019 Keep Breathing Brother D. Desnoes
Sep 22, 2019 Living with an eternal Perspective Brother A. Scurry
Sep 15, 2019 He did, because you could not Brother A. Scurry
Sep 08, 2019 Let Patience have her perfect work Brother A. Scurry
Sep 01, 2019 A Breakthrough to get my Breakthrough Brother A. Scurry
Aug 25, 2019 Emotional Health Brother C. Austin
Aug 18, 2019 Something God did that the World don't know Brother A. Scurry
Aug 11, 2019 Using the Power that God gave You Brother F. Turner
2019 Gospel Week Meeting
Speaker: Dr. Ed. Keyton
Theme: Back to the Bible
June 24, 2019 Back to the Bible Day 1
June 25, 2019 Back to the Bible Day 2
June 26, 2019 Back to the Bible Day 3
June 27, 2019 Back to the Bible Day 4
2018 Gospel Week Meeting
Speaker: O. J. Shabazz
June 25, 2018 Jesus is my Advocate
June 26, 2018 Jesus is my Prophet
June 27, 2018 Jesus is my High Priest
June 28, 2018 Jesus is my Reconciliation

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