Authenticity of the Church

Church of Christ Beliefs

The Church that Jesus Christ
Built ... The Church which Christ built is neither denominational nor Protestant.

It possesses no denominating creed, name, or hierarchy. It was not founded in protest of any existing institution. It is not the product of the “Reformation” or the “Restoration.” But it is and must be, the full-grown plant which has arisen from the “seed of the kingdom” sown in the hearts of men. It is the Church of Christ!

Its origin is to be found in the gospel of Christ. It is founded on the apostles and prophets, with Christ as the chief cornerstone.

To date, its appearance in history earlier or later than the atonement of Christ is futile, for it is His body, and He purchased it with His own blood.

By its very nature, the body is exclusive: it is one. There could not conceivably be more than one body as there is but one head. In the presence of divided Christendom, one runs the risk of being misunderstood by suggesting that there is but one church. It is not here suggested that there is but one “denomination.” The Church of Jesus Christ is neither Jewish, Catholic, nor Protestant. It is non-denominational in its origin, worship, and organization. It is the body of Christ, functioning according to the New Testament directions, organized according to the New Testament pattern, and worshipping according to the New Testament instructions, extensive enough to embrace in its fellowship all who comply with God’s requirements and who thus become a part of that body.

Moving on through time to its ultimate victory, this “stone cut out of the mountain without hands” survives the rise and fall of temporal kingdoms and proves itself to be that which, in reality it is – “The Eternal Kingdom.”

The Church of Christ, I-85