The following materials are the products of the hard work that Dr. Donnie Barnes has done in the furtherance of our understanding of the words of God. Through the use of illustrative charts and notes, Dr. Barnes has presented the understanding of the Words in ways never done before. It is our prayer that God will continue to bless Dr. Barnes with good health and longevity as he continues his efforts to spread the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Please visit Dr. Barnes' home page at for additional Biblical education materials
bible time line
daniel's prophecy of the church
kingdom established
wall of partition broken
the church of christ
the holy spirit
the work of the holy spirit
measures of the holy spirit 1
measures of the holy spirit 2
measures of the holy spirit 3
spiritual gifts
sin against the holy spirit
plan of salvation
growth of the church
examples of conversions
the lord's supper
taking the lord's supper
making melody in your heart
how many churches are there
religious and being christian
denominations origin 1
denominations origin 2
ten commandments
where are the deads 1
where are the deads 2
christ will come again

"The Churches of Christ Salute You"